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A week ago or so I had a few of my photos featured up on the website. I had been sitting on some of these photos for a possible interview with Chad Osburn but decided to let em go instead.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

New To Me Hasselblad 500 C/M

Stoked on finding a killer deal on a decent condition Hasselblad 500 c/m, this will be my go to camera from now on.

Chrome and black, leather, beautiful bright focusing screen, and a super awesome shutter “clunk” this camera is so much fun to use.

I will be plenty of photos up on here from now on, keep checking in.

Chad Osburn Photo On

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The photo was taken on Monday Feb 6th at Lyons Park in Fresno Ca, we had played with some different angles and this was the final idea. Hope you enjoy!

Chad Osburn Boost

Another Ryan Olson Special

This shot was taken about a week or two ago, this was our second time back to this spot to shoot this trick. The first shot was good but the lighting didn’t do it for me, plus I had received some tips from Jeff Z (Associate Editor @ Transworld RIDEbmx Magazine) for a change of angle and back light. Anyways, after taking this all into consideration, about three weeks or so later Olson and I were at the same spot again, and here is what we got. Hope you enjoy!

Go to my Flickr page to see some other photos from that night, some of which are not all posted yet.

Ryan Olson – Bike Check

If you go over to, I did a little bike check with a good friend Ryan Olson. The photos were taken in downtown Fresno Ca, deep in the hood, it was a little scary with all my camera gear and our bikes out there. Needles to say we got it done, and in record time!

Ryan Olson Bike Check on Photos: Ryan Ogawa

Test Roll Update

Got back my first roll of film back from Horn Photo my local camera supply shop. Anyway’s I was just nervous buying an old camera (Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR) and not knowing if the timing is close at all to normal or if the shutter is slow or sticky. Needles to say the roll came out awesome!

I used and old GE Golden Crown Exposure Meter for metering most the shots and finished the roll at our local park using the ol sunny 16 rule.

New Addition

My New 35mm SLR Honneywell Pentax Camera

I had been looking for a cheep 35mm SLR for some time, finally found the one and got a crazy deal on it. cant wait to shoot through my first roll of film with it (shooting Kodak TMAX100 B/W) and take all over, only wish I had room for a darkroom at the casa.

Should be posting some shots with it soon!