Kinkbmx.com Posted Photos

A week ago or so I had a few of my photos featured up on the Kinkbmx.com website. I had been sitting on some of these photos for a possible interview with Chad Osburn but decided to let em go instead.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1


New To Me Hasselblad 500 C/M

Stoked on finding a killer deal on a decent condition Hasselblad 500 c/m, this will be my go to camera from now on.

Chrome and black, leather, beautiful bright focusing screen, and a super awesome shutter “clunk” this camera is so much fun to use.

I will be plenty of photos up on here from now on, keep checking in.

Ryan Olson – Bike Check

If you go over to fresnobmx.com, I did a little bike check with a good friend Ryan Olson. The photos were taken in downtown Fresno Ca, deep in the hood, it was a little scary with all my camera gear and our bikes out there. Needles to say we got it done, and in record time!


Ryan Olson Bike Check on Fresnobmx.com Photos: Ryan Ogawa

New Ride Bmx Contributor


I am a newbie contributor on RideBmx.com, so come go by every now and then and check my video selections.

This had been on the back burner for some time now with Fat Tony ( RideBmx.com’s former online editor ) who had mentioned adding me as a contributor to Ride after helping me out with a job on my WordPress site (Fresnobmx.com). But Fat was super busy and had no time to give me the run down and get me set up to contribute, not to mention that more than a month or so later I found out he was resigning from Ride Bmx. After Fat Tony resigned, I noticed the Ride Bmx site looking like it needed some help, so I turned to no other than Ride Bmx’s super talented journalist/photographer Jeff Z. I figured since I have been keeping in touch with Z for some time, plus the fact that I assured him that I knew WordPress. Z was happy to add me to the team. After Z gave me some guidelines to follow and some “how to” email lessons I was set, the rest is history.

I am proud to help support a website for such an influential magazine as Ride Bmx, one I have been reading since I was a kid. Hope my two cents helps to keep a few more people pumped on the site and hopefully supporting the magazine.


Thanks to Fat Tony and Jeff Z


Support bmx and your local scene!

Also “FYI” I’m also going to start working on a small Fresno, Ca scene report for Dig Bmx online with some articles and photos, keep an eye out for that soon!

Dig Photo Daily

Got a cool pic of Cody Wilson at a local park here in Fresno going huge over a hip. Will at Dig posted it up on the Dig Photo Daily page.
Thanks, Will!
Here is the link

Cody Wilson Getting some serious air

My Photo Gear

This is most of the gear that I take with me when I go shoot some pics, give or take a few items depending on what I’m shooting. Just thought this was the biggest photo geek thing to do lol!
Click the flickr link to go to the same pic but with notes on all my equipment.